Telemetry & Cyber Security

Telemetry - Automation

Vector having identified the significance of monitoring controlling and optimizing vessel performance designed, developed and implemented a state of the art platform specialized and adjusted to maritime needs.  To that effect vessel equipment is interfaced with a  uniform  manner and complemented where necessary by new sensors, in order to provide to the Technical Department and the whole Maritime Company with a clear and consistent method of viewing and evaluating vessel’s vital parameters (raw and processed) . This in turn provides the unique ability to timely and reliably diagnose and notify the appropriate personnel. 


Telemetry and automation allow the gathering of vast amounts of numbers.  Vector has developed performance models based on Vessels specific Reference Curves which allow the visualized of each vessel condition in appropriate Dashboards providing advisory information for operators, superintendents and managers.

Additionally the models are enriched with predictive analytics which allow discrepancies to be identified, rationalized / accounted for and addressed.


With the arrival of the MRV regulations Vector adjusted the existing Parameters Reporting Forms based system to allow for the collection of the necessary information. From the collected data a dedicated tool/application allows for the composition and verification of the annual reporting needed for compliance with the new requirements.

Having an extensive automated and unified platform, answers the need to have a constant and automated indication that the reported consumption numbers are crosschecked with the Telemetry as well as the theoretical performance estimation.

Cyber Security

Vector identified the needs of the industry, for increased Cyber Security. To this effect Vector ‘s approach is to  isolate all the vessel related traffic, from all sources (ERP and Business apps, Mail and Document management, Telemetry) from all other data requirements . All Vector traffic is routed through special, dedicated marine approved firewalls, which communicate directly and exclusively with equally hardened office Hubs (private or shared) .  Telemetry Data can also have exclusive/dedicated VLANS as well as cables, thus meeting the strongest security standards.

Using next generation Tech to Machine (T2M) connectivity not only to telemetry data but also to the full Shipboard Vector installation,  Vector has managed to create a highly secure web based method for data transferring while providing instant remote services to any machine in the fleet.  Within this framework, Vector is able to provide simple, secure and reliable 24/7 support to its customers, which reduces downtime, costs and travel expenses.

Phoenix Contact MGUARD uses several layers of security. On the technician site, the service uses a two-factor method for session and VPN authentication.  Supports X.509 certificates, giving uniqueness and confidentiality to each VPN tunnel. In addition to these layers, we utilize the trusted FL mGuard stateful firewall and IPsec VPN technology. The mGuard guarantees confidentiality, authenticity, and integrity of all information and data transmitted between the service staff and the machines.

Meeting new standards

While the technical and development Vector Team produces new  solutions, industry regulatory requirement are comming in to effect . Vector  pursues the consistent compliance :

MRV - Releted certifications processed
Perfromance - ISO 19030 part a,b,c
Telemetry - Class Approval as non essential - Advisory system
IT - ISO 19847-8 , ISO 27000.


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